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Mira Shepard

Started a new playthrough of Mass Effect. It’s hard to explain how Bioware do this, but I never thought I’d fall so hard for a space-rpg. ME is just.. It’s just SO DAMN PERFECT! Nearly to the point when I don’t want to customize the official Shepard’s preset… Well, I still do, but just slightly. And also – she feels so right being a redhead with green eyes!

Look at her! Look at my badass space-marine, first human Spectre girl, her future alien boyfriend, her krogan best friend and awesome squadmates ^_^ Squeeee!!! *shameless fangirling*

I… might’ve made a thing

What do people do, when they are sad/depressed/in a bad mood? Watch tv, binge eating, isolating themselves, and so on, no?

I go and make a new character in Dragon Age, or Skyrim. Or NWN2 sometimes too 😀 Usually starting from downloading a ton of new mods >.>

This time it was Skyrim. Again…

So here’s Morwen.