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Some more swtor

Some more faces… For the toons I will make for sure as soon as/when I get an access to those non-f2p races >.> So, rattataki, cathar, mirialan and pureblood sith (ooooh, the possibilities!!!)


And the one from the Republic side =)


Kirkat Riddcat – damn, I like this name! It is so… feline xD

Katy is a smuggler and a cyborg (no story behind that… yet) – technically allied with Republic, but practically having the “I answer to no one” attitude.

Funny thing. It seems I am absolutely unable to make a “good” or “bad” character – both she and Rokra have a fairly equal amount of “Force” and “Dark Side” points and firmly stick to it. So, speaking in Mass Effect terms, I got myself another Paragade and Renegon xD

(Who’s obsessed with the combination of white hair and green eyes? I’m obsessed? Nahhh, can’t be!… >.> …. <.< …. *whistles innocently*)

Something-something-something… Dark Side (c)

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually… Guess who’s playing SWTOR? xD

swtor 2017-06-26 21-55-39-59.bmp

This is Rokra. She’s an Imperial Agent and a sniper. Yup, told ya, Dark Side – cause as we all know it has best cookies 😉  – and, as it turned out – a sniper class too. Or maybe I just haven’t found a Republic sniper class xD I can’t get over how good her facial tattoos look. And over the fact that she’s voiced by Jo Wyatt – so she’s talking in fem!Hawke’s voice and I can’t unsee sarcastic!Hawke facial expressions (not that I try, really)…

I made a goodie-goodie character too, well, kinda goodie – cause she’s a smuggler. I like her name a lot and she’s pretty fun to play for too – I”ll post her pic in a separate post.

Mira Shepard

Started a new playthrough of Mass Effect. It’s hard to explain how Bioware do this, but I never thought I’d fall so hard for a space-rpg. ME is just.. It’s just SO DAMN PERFECT! Nearly to the point when I don’t want to customize the official Shepard’s preset… Well, I still do, but just slightly. And also – she feels so right being a redhead with green eyes!

Look at her! Look at my badass space-marine, first human Spectre girl, her future alien boyfriend, her krogan best friend and awesome squadmates ^_^ Squeeee!!! *shameless fangirling*