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“Circe Maria Augusta! What is the meaning of this?!”
She stubbornly looked down refusing to meet her mother’s furious eyes.
“Your dress! Your hair! Ruined!”
“I slipped.”
It was her 14th birthday – her first “grown-up” birthday – with dozens of guests and a celebration party. At least it was supposed to be, but…

“You look pretty!”
She laughed and spun around again, showing off the delicate silks swirling around her legs. “You think so?”
“I do.” Alastair’s smile became cheeky. “Like a princess or damsel in distress from your fairy-tales.”
She turned to him. “Am not!”
“You do! All silks, and flowers – if enemies had attacked right now, you wouldn’t be able to do anything, just stare, and gasp, and feel helpless till some mighty warrior rescued you!”
“I am not! I can outrun you even in this dress, and I’m far from helpless!”
“Oh really? Then how about,” he paused considering the options, “to the pond and back – and if you win, I’ll take “damsel in distress” back?”
Without second thought children darted out of the house.

By the time they reached the pond they both were breathing hard and the hem of Circe’s dress and Alastair’s pants were covered in spatters of mud left after the morning rain. He outran her, of course, even if almost barely.
“It’s all this stupid dress!” Annoyed, Circe kicked the nearest grass mound. “If it wasn’t so long… Oh!” The wet ground gave in, she slipped, nearly falling over, but Alastair caught her hand helping her to straighten up.
It suddenly occurred to him that like this – flushed from running and hair wild – she looked prettier than back in the house when she was showing him the dress.
“I won, and you still look like a damsel in distress, but if it makes you feel better,” he added noticing her frown, “as a damsel who thoroughly kicked her offender’s most tender body parts before succumbing to distress and letting her knight save her.”
“My, my, Lord Daragutis, aren’t you a smooth-talker?” laughed the girl, clearly mimicking her mother’s manner of speech.
Her fingers tighten around his a little – or was it just his imagination? – and he felt the blush creeping up his neck.
Circe turned to look at her dress with a sigh. “I’d better get back and clean myself before Mother sees me.”

“You’re staying in your room, young lady! Your guests would have to have a party without you attending!”
“Mother!” Tears welled up in her eyes.
“End of discussion.”

Later that evening he snuck upstairs to the door of her room with a slice of her birthday cake as a peace offering.
“Everyone’s missed you down there, your parents said you were not feeling well and won’t be joining the party.”
“If it wasn’t for your stupid dare, I would’ve been there!” Circe’s voice was muffled by the door, but something told him that the girl was still crying.
“Hey! You could’ve just agreed with me and skip the running to the pond!” He sighed. “Look, I brought you the cake.”
“Just go away, Alastair! I don’t… I really don’t want to see anyone right now.”
“Fine!” He glared at the door before turning and leaving, the plate still in his hands.


Talumi Veleas

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My baby Warden =)

I like how she turned out to be. So far I decided to go stam!warden, but maybe – just maybe – will shift to magicka later.

Also, I know that Shadow Warden isn’t a thing, but let’s pretend it is, ok? =)

Lylianthar BIO

Suddenly realized i missed posting Lian’s BIO here all those years ago. So – some catching up =)


Name: Lylianthar Erunrionamion Caemael
Gender: male
Race: Altmer
Birthdate: 25th of Sundusk 2E422 (that makes him 161 year old at the time period of ESO events, which, as I see it, matches a human age of 30-32)
Birthsign: The Lord
Deity: Magnus, Syrabane

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 198 lbs (approximately)
Hair color: Ash blonde
Eye color: Golden
Tattoos:  none
Scars: several minor, mostly unnoticeable burns

Place of birth: Alinor, Summerset Isles
Employment: Elemental Mage, Enchanter
Class: Sorcerer

Skills: Elemental talent, Rune prison
Weapon of choice: Inferno Staff

Likes: Reading legends and lore books, solitude
Dislikes: Loud noises, being ordered around, pranks, mage robes.

Favorite food: Red wine, cheese

Personality: Lylianthar is a brood stuffy Altmer–at least that is what one might think at first sight. Underneath he is kind and caring though he isn’t comfortable with open display of his feelings.  He is usually easily annoyed and prefers solitude to any sorts of communication – he likes to talk about literature though and finds the company of those who shares his interest not only tolerable but extremely nice.
Unlike many Altmers he doesn’t see other races as barbaric or off-sort. Lian is fascinated with Bosmeri lore and legends.
Lian hates his middle-name with all passion.

Family: Both Lian’s parents are the classic examples of “superiorly bred mer” – highborn, pureblood, very talented mages. Lian has a sister –Tharawen,– who is several decades older than he is. Their parents were not the nicest people to grow up around. Thara’s been the only child in the family up to her late teens when Lian was born. She has never shown any signs of being a mage and for her parents it was like a slap across the face. Thara was constantly told that since she’s not a mage she won’t be considered with proper respect, that she’s a “good-for-nothing parental failure” and other “nice things” like that. When Lian was born and it became clear that he has a pretty exceptional arcane talent he immediately became their parents’ “favorite project” – from the scientifically scrutinizing attention point of view. Basically Thara “mothered” Lian – telling him bed-time stories, sharing hugs, comforting him, etc – and their mother was just a happy scholar who finally found a suitable test subject to study and train. When Thara was old enough she married out of the family and this marriage turned out to be a happy one–her husband respects her greatly for her alchemy talent and supports her with her shop. Lian had to stay with their parents for several more years but took off to Auridon the moment the opportunity presented itself.

Friends: If asked, Lian would probably say he has plenty of acquaintances but no friends. Though lately he starts to enjoy the company of a certain Bosmer huntress too much to call her just an acquaintance.