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Wendy and Elspeth, I blame you two!

But actually thank you for reminding me of that link xD








Well, hubby had his surgery – and thankfully it went well – and if everything is ok he’ll be home today. He’s currently having an MRI and after that the doctors will decide if they let him go 🙂 I hope they will!
I want to hug you all for the support! Thank you!

I’m scared =(

Hubby’s finally got to the hospital with his otitis. Meaning he went to see his doctor there again and the doctor decided hubby needs to stay there for a couple of days.

Turned out it can end up being more than a couple of days. 

Hubby’s got his head scanned and they saw that he does not only has an infection in his middle ear, but there it is on the bone too! >_< And close to the brain >_< He’s going to have a surgery tomorrow morning. 

I’m so scared for him =( Please, let everything be ok… =(