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36, born in Russia, now live in New Zealand. Gamer, mother of a little monster, cook books translator, novice photographer, crazy cat lady, kitchen witch and crotchet toys maker.

Nebulae siblings

Rune&Trig_mirialan2swtor 2018-05-28 16-08-17-82.bmp

I’m weak, and making new toons feels so good! And making new toons to match the existing new names feels even better! Anyway, meet Rune and Trig Nebulae. I really, really tried to make twins 😀

She’s a bounty hunter, he’s a smuggler.

When they were little Rune couldn’t pronounce R properly so she called her brother “Tweeg” – it stuck and eventually transformed into nickname “Twig”.He hates it, she loves it and thinks it’s hilarious cause… look at how HUGE he is compared to her 😀


Dollies =)

I’ve planned to make some fresh photos of them for ages already (Rayne’s ones are almost 4 years overdue omg!) and finally got to it. Weather spoiled the photoshoot but at least I got *some* pics =)

Soooo, here they are 😀

  1. Melize (DAL); 2. Neo Angelique Rayne (Taeyang); 3. Soiji Okita (Isul)

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Rowena (The Arcana Game)

rowena_the arcana game_doll&drawing

Someone got hooked on mobile app visual novel The Arcana – and got it hard xD Hard enough to go the whole “ok, I need to visualize my character” way. So, here she is – Rowena, mage apprentice, the witch and fortune-teller =)

Left: doll-maker on Rinmaru Games. Right: paper&pencil, coffee and staying up past 2am last night scribble =)