950 years later

Boredom is both – an awful and awesome thing. Couple of days ago being utterly bored I launched Skyrim and made a new toon – Kath’s and Marvin’s grand-grand-very-many-grands-in-here-really-daughter =) Kath is my Breton sorc from ESO and Marvin is her husband – my best friend’s Imperial dragonknight.

So, here, meet Mirabelle “Mirri” Gayne =)


Mirri is good with both – sword and spells, she’s smart and pretty, a bit cheeky and I enjoy playing her really, really MUCH. Seriously, more than I expected 😀ScreenShot23.bmp



Oh, and here are her many-times-grand parents =) Katherine and Marvin Gayne.Gaynes


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