I did it!

I finished the Main Story questline ^_^

After being glitched for 2 days the final battle finally decided to work 😀 So – voila! – Prince Un-Charming is down, Rin got her soul back and was shooed by Cadwell to travel in the other alliances locations but in VR zones 😀



7 thoughts on “I did it!

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      I have no idea if there is any special ending for those who finish the VR content, but as for the main questline this battle and getting a soul back _was_ an endgame, I suppose. Left more questions than gave answers, btw, too!
      I seems that they don’t have this “post-final-quest” thing worked through well… Like npc’s of the last city are stuck in the dialogues at “before-the-final-battle” stage… =(

      1. Pyrelle

        Well, this explains the nerd rage I have been seeing from various you tubers who play ESO, er played ESO. My review seems more and more spot on. Hopefully they get their crap together before everyone decides it isn’t worth the monthly fee.

      2. wilvarin1980 Post author

        For now mine “now it’s personal” towards ZOS include reseting my questing achievements after the last big update and nullifying them – at least at the character achievement section, and putting an invisible wall that prevents me to get on my favourite meditation spot at Auridon coast.

  1. Wendy Schardein

    I heard the questing achievements are still in the database, and they just have to fix the interface so they’ll show up again. So you haven’t lost them; you just can’t see them right now.


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