If you want to humor the Universe…

I had a lot of plans for today! 
I wanted to make some final touches to chapter 5 of Bits&Pieces. I wanted to play ESO and gather some materials for new armor sets. I planned to to some house-cleaning and laundry-ironing. And make a cream-soup with pumpkin and potatoes…
Instead hubby’s ear got worse again. And we spent SIX HOURS at ER waiting for the doctor to see him – well, at least he was gracious enough to apologize for discharging hubby as recovered while that haven’t actually happened, and give him some more pills and ear-drops for treating the infection and painkilling. So now I’m all washed out, freezed cause the wind has changed and it’s cold in the house, I published the chapter without any changes cause I even can’t remember what I wanted to add there. I need to scrape myself off the chair and go make the soup. And all I want is just curl in a ball, have a glass of wine – or better whiskey – and shut away all outside noises. 


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