Paragon of clumsiness

I’ve just dropped a bowl of porridge on a cooktop. And It broke this damnable $2,500 worth ceramic cooktop!!! >_< $2,500 worth induction ceramic cooktop in a rented house’s kitchen. KMP.


2 thoughts on “Paragon of clumsiness

  1. Wendy Schardein

    When you were talking about your cooktop yesterday, I hadn’t seen this yet. Now it makes so much more sense! I’m so sorry this happened. It really sucks. Hopefully you will be able to replace it without too much cost.

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      I still haven’t heard from the service company, so all that’s left is to keep fingers crossed) I hope it will at least be noticeably different from the cost of a new cooktop. I mean, when you don’t look at both prices and think “Ah, well, might as well buy a new one instead, since there’s just some 500 bucks difference” >_<


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