Something about Lian.

So the certain broody Altmer finally decided me worthy enough to share some private information with me. Apart from loving red wine, brandy and expensive cheese 🙂

Here’s a little something about Lian’s (and Tharawen’s) parents.
As you might have already guessed their parents were not the nicest people to grow up around. Thara is much older than her brother and she’s been the only child in the family up to her late teens when Lian was born. She has never shown any signs of being a mage and for her parents it was like a slap across the face (oh, yes, they not only regard Altmer to be a superior race but they also think the same of those who can use magic – they would have probably made a perfect material for Veiled Heritance supporters, though at this point it is not clear, they are way too absorbed with their arcane studies to get involved in something so mundane as politics). Thara was constantly told that since she’s not a mage she won’t be considered with proper respect, that she’s a “good-for-nothing parental failure” and other “nice things” like that. When Lian was born and it became clear that he has a pretty exceptional arcane talent he immediately became their parents’ “favorite project” – from the scientifically scrutinizing attention point of view. So basically Thara “mothered” Lian – telling him bed-time stories, sharing hugs, comforting him, etc – and their mother was just a happy scholar who finally found a suitable test subject to study and train. When Thara was old enough she married out of the family and this marriage turned out to be a happy one – her husband (although chosen by her parents and a mage, as you may guess) respects her greatly for her alchemy talent and supports her with her shop. Lian had to stay with their parents and it really got worse after there was no his sister there. I would guess their parents are slowly going mad. No wonder Lian took off to Auridon the moment he had that opportunity!

So, as you can see, the guy don’t have just issues with his family. These are ISSUES 😀 And no wonder he was so reluctant to discuss them…


6 thoughts on “Something about Lian.

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      I have a strong, yet unconfirmed, suspicion that there wasn’t just some verbal abuse there…
      Though I suspect, I’ll need A LOT of brandy to get Lian talk about that. Or I’ll need Rin for that… 😉

      1. Pyrelle

        Pfft Brandy…Brandy won’t get you answers. You want answers? Give him some Sothern Comfort followed by some Whiskey, 3 shots of each and he will sing like a canary. Then you’ll have your answers. And then just to make sure he doesn’t remember talking, alternate one shot vodka, one shot Tequila, one shot Vodka, one shot Tequila. Place a giant glass of water on his night stand for when he wakes up and he will never know he spilled any of his secrets…or got molested by a Kahjiit and an Orc…

      2. wilvarin1980 Post author

        You’ re a wicked, wicked man!!! *giggles*
        I’ll just wait for a while – after all those facts about his parents haven’t demanded any strong alcohol to be shared out loud) And brandy works better for comforting after some heart-wrenching confessions.
        Though Whiskey is good for that too… Damn, I want some good old Irish whiskey,,,

      3. Pyrelle

        I’m not wicked…I am just a good ol southern boy from New Orleans who knows how to loosen lips….that’s my story and I am sticking to it

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