That awkward moment when…

…you just accidentally join the guild. :-[

Call me old-fashioned, but I just can’t understand it when you get a friend-invite from an unknown user (“Oooo-key… And who might you be?” I thought) and then without even saying “hi” he sends you a guild-invite! O_o I mean, how can someone join a guild without even killing a monster or two together before that?

The guy got me right in the middle of a very tough dungeon and a half-a-dozen of some very hungry crocodiles. I assumed that mysterious someone just wanted to join a party and hit the button without even reading a message… Well, after the dust settled, the boss was killed and the quest was finished I wrote to the guy and asked to be so kind and undo this joining thing. No problem, he said. And I was out of the guild 😀 And out of the friends-list, btw, too 😀 Yet, it was awkward!


5 thoughts on “That awkward moment when…

  1. Pyrelle

    hehe ninja guild invites…I remember those, Ya’ll should form a guild, just need a cool name, hmmmm, I used to be good at this…seems not so much anymore.

    1. Wendy Schardein

      The hubby actually formed one called The Order of the White Guard, after our book. It’s just him, me and the munchkins at this point, though. I’ll have to invite you, Karine!


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