Gwilwering: Becoming a Brackenleaf’s Briar

Eat the frog, they say!

Talk to the giant tree, they say!
Eating the frog and talking to a tree is not all that safe either, if you ask me! Hmpf!

But at least I’ve got a cool (and a little bit grumpy) soul tiger companion for the main part of the quest!

And finally



6 thoughts on “Gwilwering: Becoming a Brackenleaf’s Briar

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      She still feels controversial about that.

      Just wait till she tells Lian about eating the frog thing! Poor Altmer with his high sense of beauty and aesthetics! 😉

      1. Wendy Schardein

        He is, but he has a love of life and a silly streak that you don’t see in a lot of Altmer. When Wenyth is busy shopping, cooking, or leveling up, he spends his time climbing rocks and dancing on them. He also likes to stand really close to her and look down her shirt. She barely comes up to his shoulders, so he has a good view.

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