…Oblivion Gates, long time no see! 😀
I’ve finished the Auridon part of Dominion’s questline today and at the end of it they were ^_^ (4 screenshots)


Mehrunes Dagon’s plane of Oblivion isn’t the most cheerful place, don’t you think?

And finally – the Sigil stone!


9 thoughts on “Hey-hey…

  1. Wendy Schardein

    Awesome–something to look forward to! We haven’t been playing with our elves much because at first, Bryan was working with his “Crafting” character, and then life kept intruding. Hopefully we’ll get started again today. We’ve decided to shorten this version of Kaawenyth to “Wendy” to distinguish her from Kaaley. And because Wendy is easy to remember. 😉

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      Tehee) I suddenly realized that “Gwilwering” is just another version of my “Wilvarin” nick-name with exactly the same meaning and that they both have “Rin” from “Karine” 😀 Made me somewhat warm and fuzzy 😀

      Do you need the books for Dunmer and Bosmer crafting styles for any of your characters, btw?

    2. wilvarin1980 Post author

      Oh, and one more question!
      I wonder if my last emails safely made it to your inbox? The one about Lian’s parents and the one about “I have a question” 😀


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