Five-minute period of HATE.

You know what? I hate those stupid jerks who get a car and think themselves some cool racers! It’s a street in a bedroom community not a damnable race circuit!!!
Some alternatively gifted “speedy-racer” has just darted out from behind the corner, stepping on the accelerator, when Little one and me were crossing the EMPTY street.
So now I have a scared kid, a pounding heart and a deep-rooted hate for the jerk who hasn’t even slowed down when he saw us on the road.


4 thoughts on “Five-minute period of HATE.

  1. Pyrelle

    I remember those guys when I was growing up. I used to follow them home get their plate numbers and report them to the cops. Then my neighborhood got speed bumps put in, and not some little ones nope, large ass bumps that would destroy a cars under carriage if not slowly traversed. Maybe look into how to get them put in. Other than that do what I would do, keep something to throw at them for when they speed by. LOL

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      I was too distracted by the fact that Andy was scared to look at his plate numbers =( I thought about that afterwards cause if I had I could actually report him…

      Well, I” believe in KARMA then! He’ll get something unpleasant for that 😀


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