“Good night, mommy”
“Good night, little one. You’re my sweet darling boy!”
“You to my svit dalin boooy!”
“No, sweetie, mommy is a girl :)”
“You my svit dalin gi’l then!”



3 thoughts on “Awww

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      Hi is! It strikes me to the bottom of my heart each time he says something like that!
      I think it’s some sort of development period when he starts to answer all sorts of sweet thing we tell him and “make compliments” on his own. He can go on and on with that now, one day we went home from going for a walk, and he was tired so I carried him, and we had almost 15-minutes long “talk” that consisted only of me telling him something nice and him telling me it back 😀
      And he also keeps telling that “Daddy is soooo stwong!” and “Mommy is sooo buuuutiful!” 😀


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