Lian, you stubborn mer…

My attempts to write down Lian’s BIO (let’s put aside the part with favorite spell/weapon/skill /etc of it, I’ll have to do it after the game starts anyway, cause I have no idea what spells are there, for example) – the most general things, like family or favorite food – look like this:

Me (wriggling my fingers): Well, let’s do the “family” part! Parents, siblings…
Lian: No.
Me (trying to think of something for the next several minutes, failing miserably): Oooo-kay…. Food! We’ll write about food. And drinks!
Lian: No.
Me: Oh, come on! It’s just FOOD! Everyone has some favorite food!
Lian: No.
Me: Stop being difficult, you damnable mer! Don’t brood.
Lian: I. Don’t. Brood.

And Rin is giggling at the back of my mind.

By the way, Lian got his face sketched and his name almost right after I thought of his middle name as a revenge for “being difficult”. If he continues to, he’ll get the third name, I swear! And I have some ideas about that one.


2 thoughts on “Lian, you stubborn mer…

  1. Pyrelle

    This seems to be a similar issue as encountered in Zanders 28 days of character development. My suggestion get him drunk and have a third party ask the questions. LOL =)


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