I think it’s hilarious :D

I’ve just came across this bit in Baldur’s Gate 2 scripts. And this is a perfect example of a broody elf behavior. And the way it is seen “from the outside” 😀

Imoen~Come on, you can’t be Mr. Broody-Pants all the time. Lighten up!~
Solaufein~”Mr. Broody-Pants”?~
Imoen~You know, Mr. “I’m such a cool and brooding drow, watch me mope around and debate morality, torturing all of my companions with questions about scruples and then slicing all my foes with my sword.”~
Solaufein= ~Do I really seem like that from afar?~
Imoen ~Here, let me do my Solaufein imitation.~
Imoen ~(deep Solaufein voice) Sigh. I’m brooding about Phaere. OK, done with that.  Now I’m reciting poetry about the trees. Tra-la! OK, time to cast Stoneskin. Brood, brood. What is the nature of goodness? Brood, brood. Time to make a move on <CHARNAME>. Oh, <CHARNAME>, did I do the right thing? I regret my actions. Brood. How can I tell if I’m thinking the right thoughts? Time for more poetry. But first, that’s right … Stoneskin! Tra-la.~
Imoen ~What did you think?~
Solaufein ~I think I’ll run away and hide now.~




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