And I pre-ordered standard edition after all.


8 thoughts on “ESO

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      Yep! We should coordinate the server choosing part (or rather you should tell me which one you play at and I’ll try to connect to the right one) when the they are finally open 😉

      1. wilvarin1980 Post author

        According to Support FAQ it should be relatively easy:
        “At launch, players can choose to play on either the North American or European megaserver, regardless of their physical location. While players can freely switch between the megaservers as they choose, please keep in mind that characters will be bound to the server they were originally created on.”
        “At launch, game accounts will have access to both the North American and the European megaservers, but individual characters will be bound to the server on which players create them. Accounts can maintain a total of eight characters per server, so players could have a total of 16 characters if they play on both servers.”

        I do hope the way to choose the server will be obvious 😀

      2. wilvarin1980 Post author

        Yay! I found where to choose this Megaserver thing!
        In the game launcher choose the Settings (it’s the left gear-wheel-like pictogram in the top right corner), and the very first one will be Megaserver drop-menu =)

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