Well, we did it, we enrolled! For now it’s just free visiting – whenever we want and for as long as we want – for Little One to get acquainted with everyone and get used to it, and in 3 weeks it’s going to be 3-days-a-week stay for several hours there. And we’ll see how it will go after that.

Today we’ve stayed there for about an hour after my brave big boy (though he argued about the “brave” part – “No, mommy, me not bwave!”) got his two jabs – chicken pox and pneumococcal – and he played with other kids and all by himself and only oce came to check me out after they made butterflies with a teacher – not bad for the first day, isn’t it?

Andy’s favorite part of the play-room – what can be better than a kitchen?!


1/3 of a play-room



4 thoughts on “Daycare

  1. Wendy Schardein

    I can’t stress enough what a great idea I think this is. It will be so good for both of you. We had the munchkins in daycare/preschool from the time they were small infants, and I always felt they were so much better socialized than the kids that stayed at home with their moms all the time. Plus it will give you some “Karine” time.

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      I’m really looking forward for this some “Karine” time – as much as I love Little one, being with him almost 24/7 for the last 2,5 years have worn me out pretty much… =(

      And it’s much more interesting for him too! To have lots of playmates and “special grown-ups” that “are there to play with him” as hubby told Little one 😀


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