Gwilwering BIO


Name: Gwilwering (aka Eri, aka Rin) (sindarin: butterfly)
Gender: Female
Race: Bosmer
Birthdate: 3rd of Hearthfire 2E448 (that makes her 135 years old at the time period of ESO events, which, as I see it, matches a human age of 23-25)
Birthsign: The Lady
Deity: Y’ffre, Jone&Jode

Height: 5’3”
Weight114 lbs (approx)
Hair color: Black (or very dark-brown)
Eye color: Green
Tattoos: Traditional pattern on both shoulders and chest
Scars: Several carefully healed scars on her torso – a reminders that neither an enemy nor a prey should be given an opportunity to get close enough to inflict any damage

Place of birth: Greenshade, Valenwood
Employment: Hunter, thief
Class: Nightblade

Skills: Assassin Blade, Strife, Scattered Shot.
Weapon of choice: Bow, Dual daggers for close combat

Likes: Reading, hunting, watching the night sky, good food, learning something new
Dislikes: Being patronized, rudeness, racial intolerance

Favorite food: Vension, honey

Personality: Rin is mischievous and curious. Some may say she is reckless, but mostly her decisions are weighted and thought through (even if it doesn’t look like that from the outside). Despite of being easygoing and chummy, she is not easily befriended and pretty suspicious toward those who try to become “pals from the first sight”, but if she acknowledges someone as her friend, she will be fiercely loyal and protective towards them. Rin is open-minded, that’s why she takes the original ideas of the Dominion close to heart. She likes the idea of equality and treats others according to it.
Rin is well-read and often spends her spare time reading something, she also keeps a diary where she not only writes down the events of the passed days but also sketches people and creatures she met, plants, etc.

Family: Her father is a hunter, her mother is a merchant. She has an older brother who is already married and works with their mother, trading with outsiders, and a twin brother.
Rin’s father trained her to be a “proper hunter”, and since early childhood many things she did were done to impress her father and to earn his approval. As much as her brothers are “their mother’s sons” she is “her father’s daughter”. Rin loves both parents dearly and has equally warm and trust-based relationships with both of them. Rin and her twin brother were almost inseparable for their whole life – every little adventure, every mischief – they were in it together – their mother often called both of them “Baan Dar touched” when they grew up.

Friends: Her best friend is Bagir-Ra – a Khajiit thief. They first met when they were just kids (Rin was at her teens and Bagir-Ra just out of her infancy) – Ra’s father was a leader of Khajiit trading caravan who had stong business relationships with Rin’s mother and was also a close friend of their family. Girls have been through a lot together – starting from stealing sweet treats, first girly whispers about boys and “grown-up” lives at Auridon
She has some more or less close friends among the members of the Fighters Guild – both men and mer.


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