Willpower test

Aaaand having all these rough times with passport/visa issues I got my lost kilos back. Helllloooo, 76 kilos! Again. No, I haven’t missed you at all!

So! Now I’m counting the calories gain/loss again (thanks to hubby who recommended me a nice iPhone app for that). It suggests I need 1600 calories per day if I want to ever see a number of 66 at the bathroom scales. So for now I have 890 calories left for today and I desperately want some ice-cream. 

ARGHHH!!! Must… be… strong…


4 thoughts on “Willpower test

  1. Pyrelle

    1600 calories a day spread out between at least 6 meals a day to kick start your metabolism and some good cardio (maybe about 15 -20 min) and you will knock it out in no time. FYI best work out you will ever get that is sex, so yeah, have fun ! LOL

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      😀 My cardios usually consist of running after the Little one around the house or a playground 😀 And if I’m extremely lucky and hubby agrees to have “boy-stuff-time” with Andy – 5-6km walks up and down close-by hills… I hope hubby will prefer treadmill training today – then I’ll have my walk 😀

  2. Wendy Schardein

    I’m starting back on my diet today, so keep me posted and we can be weight loss buddies! I don’t know how pounds translates to kilos, but I’m starting at about 182 pounds.


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