They know I’m wavering!

Have you seen my post about battle of greed, curiosity and common sense? Just a minute later I hit a “publish” button this appeared in my g-mail inbox!

“Elder Scrolls Online: Continue your adventures. Secure Early Access before it’s too late!”

Dammit! But 100$ nz$!…. *facepalms*


9 thoughts on “Damn! THEY KNOW!

  1. Pyrelle

    Careful, it is a slippery slope with MMO’s. One day you are buying early access, the next thing you know ten years has past, countless expansions bought, you’ve become a master raider, your desk is full of coke cans and red bull, and you are selling an alts body for some easy coin…what? like I was the only one who did that?….Damn it! Don’t judge me!…..

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      I know what you mean) Not the “selling an alts body” part, but still.. πŸ˜€ (I don’t judge you πŸ˜‰ )
      If I haven’t that damned “personal experience” (and I’m not speaking about all sorts of good stuff now, as you understand) with LA2 and WOW I would have probably already bought this early access without any second thoughts πŸ™‚

      1. wilvarin1980 Post author

        Not that 100 NZD is an awfully huge amount of money, but that’s when I start thinking “imagine all _useful_ stuff you can buy for it!” πŸ˜€

  2. Wendy Schardein

    Youch! A hundred bucks sounds awfully steep. The hubby and each paid 80 in US dollars, which is frankly pretty steep in my book, too. You just have to decide if a) you can afford it and b) it’s worth it. The only reason we were able to spring for pre-orders was because the hubby’s chess team decided not to go to an out-of-town tournament so we had the extra money.


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