Ideas needed!

I plan to make a “marine style” room for Little one. We already have a super-boat-bed and white-and-blue bedside table and chest of drawers and now I’n looking for details ideas. For now I’ve thought of several strings with flags and several wall decals – with a pirate ship (personal Andy’s request) and a lighthouse most likely. Oh, and a night lamp for a bedside table with striped white-and-blue shade.
What other details can you think of? Regarding it’s a room for 3,5-year-old so it can’t be something fragile 😀


8 thoughts on “Ideas needed!

      1. Elspeth Aurilie

        My son was OBSESSED with sea creatures at that age (he still likes them to). Dolphins, whales, but especially sharks. He saw a copy of Jaws at Target once and was really sad when we said he couldn’t watch it because we let him watch all sorts of ocean shows at home.

      2. Elspeth Aurilie

        Mine likes trucks and cars. Right now he’s lining up about 20 “good guy” matchbox cars to confront about 4 bigger “bad guy” trucks. He occasionally sleeps with his stuffed dolphins.

        He also likes Skyrim. ::hides:: He only plays for about an hour at a time though. He mostly just hangs around the Rift and casts random spells and shoots his cross-bow into the air.

      3. wilvarin1980 Post author

        Aaaww ^_^ How old is he?

        Andy loves PS3 controllers, he waits his daddy to leave the room, snatches a controller and starts pushing buttons with an extremely serious “daddy-like” face expression – if he manages to un-pause the game and actually DO something there it gives him just no-ending delight 😀

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