LIttle B's - 2 months after the previous photo

Girls – Berenika and Bernadett
Boys – Bergamot and Beresklet


4 thoughts on “LIttle B’s – 2 months after the previous photo

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      Too fast!
      But that’s such a miracle to watch them from the first seconds of their lifes ^_^ And when all of them come to you when you sit on a couch for mass hugs and smooches – awwww!!! ^_^ Oh, I miss that all!

      I never was a proper breeder for that reason – every little one was like my own child 😀 And sometimes they stayed at our house for 6 months or longer before we could find the Most Wonderful Owners for every kitten 😀

      1. wilvarin1980 Post author

        We thought about it, yes. But we still hope to bring our “ladies” here (though this hope becomes more and more vague with passing time 😦 ). Hubby has got his visa, Little One and me are still waiting, but hopefully we’ll get them too 😀 Then in several months we can apply for residence status – and if we’re lucky we’ll get it and then we’ll be able to have more long-term plans – pets, house, etc. =)

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