Pairing needed!

Tried to think of a back-story for my ESO Bosmer and realized that strangely enough to come up with a back story I need a pair for her.

Will somebody, please – please! – think of a suitor for her? At least some general ideas, hm?
What I have for now (except for the screenshots):
Name: Gwilwering (aka Eri, aka Rin) (sindarin butterfly)
Age: 130-140 (which, as I see it, matches a human age of 23-25)
Deity: Y’ffre
Birthsign: The Thief
Class: Nightblade
Weapon of choice: Bow, Dual daggers for close combat
Favorite skills: Assassin Blade, Strife, Scattered Shot.
Favorite food: Vension, honey
Family: Both parents alive, 2 brothers – one older, the second one – her twin.
I also have a question for those who know lore well – as a follower of Y’ffre she honors the principles of Green Pact (no cannibalism though) – does that mean she shouldn’t make/use any herbs-based potions? Or even shouldn’t practise Alchemy at all? Or using non-vegetational components is ok?

14 thoughts on “Pairing needed!

  1. Pyrelle

    I am not sure what you mean by pairing…is she wine?
    As for the green pact, I’m no expert but I would assume it depends on how devote she is, her family and her clan. If I remember correctly no plant life should ever be used by bosmer. They manage to get around this by buying or trading with the other races.

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      I checked the Guide to Empire texts to find out that “use of woodcrafts created by another race is not forbidden” and “As the Aldmer began to change their ways to match their new environment, adapting to the forest in body and mind, they became known as the Bosmer. In return for the patronage of Y’ffre, the Forest God (either one of the old ancestor spirits or an aspect of the true pantheon), they swore never to kill, injure, or eat any of the vegetation of the new home”. “New home” here is a reference to Valenwood, so it seems that that using something _out_ of Valenwood is ok. 😀

      About the pairing:
      What I mean is that I need a pair for her – another Mer, Bosmer/Altmer or, maybe, Dunmer, to form a romantic relationship =)
      What’s that about wine?

      1. Pyrelle

        Ah, you pair wine with food to get the best flavor of both. As for a relationship, it would probably be best for her to find someone within the AD so that makes it Bosmer, Altmer or Kahjiit. If you want to be normal go with Bosmer of Altmer, if you want to be scandalous go with Kahjiit. If you want to be defiant and it must be a mer, I would say try a Breton or an Orc. If you just wanna rebel, Dunmer. That is about as much help as I can be.

      2. wilvarin1980 Post author

        Thanks ^_^
        I’m thinking of Bosmer or Altmer. I just can’t pair a Khajiit with anyone but other Khajiit, and I haven’t met any Dunmer npc-s (there probably should be some among Fighters guild, since they are neutral and there are Argonians, and Redguards, and Nords there – even at Vulkhel Guard’s guild) that can trigger my plot bunnies 😀
        But that’s where my imagination stops =(

        What about Breton’s lifespan? Is it closer to human’s or to mer’s? Or something in-between?

      3. wilvarin1980 Post author

        ES Wikia forum claims that their life span is the shortest of human races O_o Like because of the mer blood they get sick at the age of 50-60.
        I’ve never ben happy with ESW’s ideas about the lifespans – was it of men or mer 😀

      4. Pyrelle

        I would have to agree, it makes no sense that a half elf would live shorter than a human. You would think, if anything, the mer blood would lengthen the life span.

      5. wilvarin1980 Post author

        I’ve also seen the claims that a 200 y.o. Altmer is an OLD Altmer. Sheesh!

        It seems Bethesda don’t have a single opinion on this matter themselves, cause they have something like “At the time of the publication of the Pocket Guide to the Empire, Third Edition in 3E 432, many living Altmer still remembered Tiber Septim’s conquest of Summerset, thus putting them at an age of over 400 years” and at the same time ESO’s Queen Ayrenn is just 25 years old.
        There are a lot of discussions with exact antipodes of opinion – from 200-250 y.o. being the absolute max (for Altmer, other mer even less) to at least 1000 y.o. (for Altmer again, and somethin near that for the others)

  2. Wendy Schardein

    You’re awfully fond of Razum-Dar; why don’t you use him? You would have to go off canon a bit by giving them history, but only so much as meeting him for the first time. They could have history together, having had a romance or flirtation and split up for either the Bosmer/Khajiit thing or because of his dubious career.

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      I thought about Raz. Rin really likes his attitude and sense of humor – but they are more like in best-friend-relationship. Raz’s attitude remunds Rin of her elder brother a lot too 😀
      I’m searching for a Bosmer/Altmer character, I guess… Since the fighters guild is “neutral” and there are all sorts of races there, Dunmer can be an option too. But I can’t remember any from Vulkhel Guard’s guild and I haven’t visited any in other towns yet. Not one of a human races – because of lifespan, you know how I like “happily ever after”-s 😀
      This, and that in my head I can’t pair a Khajiit with anyone but another Khajiit…

  3. Lulzy

    So I have a question. How did you get the UI to disappear in your screenshots? I mean, sometimes there’s the quest objective in the corner, but mostly it’s all just… aaaah. Beauty without UI. I ask because I edit on UESP and would like to get some shots from this next beta to upload.

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      Picasa->Crop mostly…
      I’ve also found where to assign a hotkey for hiding the cursor. There should be an option for hiding it all though – I’m gonna look for it more closely this weekend.

    2. Wendy Schardein

      I think it’s the controls menu. It’s where you have options to hotkey all sorts of commands. Near the top, there’s an option for Hide UI, or something like that. Just assign it a hotkey and you’re good to go.


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