Skyrim screenshots

Trisha, my current Dovahkiin. (36 lvl, archer, thief)




6 thoughts on “Skyrim screenshots

  1. adantur

    I’ve recently done the main questline for the first time (don’t ask) with a similar character, a Bosmer Archer/Assassin/Thief named Allena, it’s hands down my favourite way to play the game.

    1. wilvarin1980 Post author

      That’s the first time I play for a Bosmer (previous ones were Nord and Imperial girls) and the first time when the character is almost 100% ranged weapons user. She does use dual daggers or a Nightingale Blade in close combat… But truth be said the need for _close_ combat occurs pretty rare 😀 Stealth+good bow+good arrows – what else does a girl need? 😀

      1. adantur

        This is true, nothing more satisfying than a one-shot slo-mo kill.

        It’s the first time I’ve played as a girl to be honest, don’t normally bother, I have to think for a second when someone refers to me as a lady when in first person ha.

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