Unexpected Reunions

Well, it took me ages. No, really, I’m even scared to check when was the last time I posted anything about Circe and Alastair! But here it is! Properly chronological, second chapter for the Series of Unfortunate Stumblings 😀 Also – hugest thanks to Pyrelle who helped a whole ton with it and dealt with all my whining and groaning about stubborn characters as well as about the defiance of my uncooperative muse.

Anyway, here it is, hope you will enjoy it.

Chapter 2: Unexpected Reunions. 

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Writing clouds

I made a thing for the 8 year-olds from Year 3 I’m working with at school – to give them an easier start on thinking of stories they need to write during their creative writing classes and to help them edit those afterward.

Here’s the thing!

For writing:


And for editing =)


Nebulae siblings

Rune&Trig_mirialan2swtor 2018-05-28 16-08-17-82.bmp

I’m weak, and making new toons feels so good! And making new toons to match the existing new names feels even better! Anyway, meet Rune and Trig Nebulae. I really, really tried to make twins 😀

She’s a bounty hunter, he’s a smuggler.

When they were little Rune couldn’t pronounce R properly so she called her brother “Tweeg” – it stuck and eventually transformed into nickname “Twig”.He hates it, she loves it and thinks it’s hilarious cause… look at how HUGE he is compared to her 😀