Caemal siblings :)

Since – thanks to the 2xXP event I’m finally lvl-ing them (3,5 years due xD) – both of them got new gear/costumes and looks. Besides, I realized I never actually made a pic of them “together”… So, here they are – Lian and Thara 🙂



Kitty-toons :D

To be more specific – a toon and a romanceable npc, but whatever! Those two give me so many mushy and fuzzy feelings!!!!!!!!!! N’AWW!

Rowena (The Arcana Game)

rowena_the arcana game_doll&drawing

Someone got hooked on mobile app visual novel The Arcana – and got it hard xD Hard enough to go the whole “ok, I need to visualize my character” way. So, here she is – Rowena, mage apprentice, the witch and fortune-teller =)

Left: doll-maker on Rinmaru Games. Right: paper&pencil, coffee and staying up past 2am last night scribble =)

Still not over SWTOR ^_^

This pissed-off and “I’m so done with you” little nugget’s name is Nameeka. She’s a smuggler. She finally got her ship back and now is on her way to kick the nasty guy who stole it in the first place in all dem tender parts.

Oh, and I also have another dozen of toons each and every one with their own headcanons, relationships and stuff… >.> And I finally found a suitable Legacy name. They are now – Venatrix Legacy =)

PS- Latin words make great Legacy names xD

Mica (SWTOR, Bounty Hunter)

What the game is really lacking – is the variety of eye colors. More specifically – violet!

Also, meet Mica – not the one out of first created, but suddenly my main swtor toon.

swtor 2017-07-19 21-22-53-76.bmp

swtor 2017-07-18 21-00-47-19.bmp

Violet eyes would suit her soooo good, don’t you think?