I got to the point when I make new toons in Skyrim purely to visualize another character and outline another headcanon-ish story😄

Meet Aeril. She’s a Bosmer (not very good one, you’ll see), born in Skyrim, hunter and a werewolf (not a good Bosmer, remember? and it also showing in her appearance a bit XD)

Well, what do you think, does she have any chances with Vilkas? =)

I… might’ve made a thing

What do people do, when they are sad/depressed/in a bad mood? Watch tv, binge eating, isolating themselves, and so on, no?

I go and make a new character in Dragon Age, or Skyrim. Or NWN2 sometimes too😀 Usually starting from downloading a ton of new mods >.>

This time it was Skyrim. Again…

So here’s Morwen.



The most amazing thing happened to me yesterday!

We have this tiny grocery shop/home cafe owned by an elderly couple on our street – perfect for restocking some supplies when you don’t want to go all way to supermarket. So yesterday I went there to get some white chocolate and almonds and the lady, who owns the shop, asked if I was going to do some baking. I said that I was going to check out a new fudge recipe – and suddenly she said “Well, if you like it, you can bring some here and I’ll sell it for you”!!!

Guess what? Fudge turned out amazing! So I took some for her to try out herself and after getting the “Delicious!” verdict I’m pretty much set on giving it a try. Won’t hurt, right? =)

Fudge’s on the picture, btw =)