Essie got a pet 😀

swtor 2019-04-23 19-51-02-49.bmp

It’s a Nightmare Kell Drake. I think it’s way too cute 😀

Also – follow-up story.

“You can’t be serious,” Kaliyo exclaimed, warily eyeing a young kell drake sitting in the middle of the room. The lizard trotted to Essie and bumped her knee with its forehead. “Which one was it?”
“Which one was what?” La’stessia gave her a curious look.
“Which one of your crazy Mandalorians is responsible for that.” She pointed at the drake. “Your flyboy must have pretty weird ideas about presents he gives to his lover.”
Essie smiled. “It was Skir’mir, not Rel.”
“I should’ve known! Crazy cat – crazy gifts. But really? A kell drake?”
“Well, he brought it here and said that it lost its mother and siblings during one of the hunts, and Skir’mir isn’t allowed to keep it…”
Kaliyo rolled her eyes.
“Besides,” Essie continued with a smirk, “when it grows up anyone will think twice before trying to break in into my apartment knowing there’s a kell dragon in there.”
“You’re crazy, girl, I love it!” The rattataki laughed, bending down to scratch the lizard on the head. “What are you going to name it?” Continue reading

Blueberry jam

All credits for this absolutely marvelous term for Chiss smut go to Pyrelle – thank you so much, I can’t un-use it now 😀

“That is just getting ridiculous! Can those two be even louder?” Raina huffed, breaking their heated discussion of sith history with Rohsyn and heading towards the kitchen. “What are you two even doing there?”
“Blueberry jam!” Essie’s and Rel’s voices came in unison, following by another feat of giggles and noise.
Ensign froze in her tracks, her lips forming into almost perfect “O” and cheeks slowly turning a deep shade of crimson.
“Huh? What’s wrong?” Rohsyn walked over to her.
“I can’t believe those two… I mean, we’re sitting right here!”
“What do you mean?”
“They’re… making blueberry jam! Right there! In the kitchen!”
Rohsyn cocked her head to the side, completely bewildered by the embarrassed look on the young woman’s face.
“What’s wrong with the jam?” she inquired carefully. Continue reading


So, a friend on Tumblr asked for a swtor character she might use in the drawing practice with a character of her own… Ans so Rel&Essie (Re’luniss and La’stessia) ship was born. @mando-ad made the most adorable sketch…


…and then… my hand slipped 😀 (More notes at the end of the post :D)

What happens on Nar Shaddaa stays on Nar Shaddaa… or maybe not?

“Vun’bicn! Ch’ah csarcican’t ch’uscah.”
“I love it when you talk dirty.” Essie didn’t have to open her eyes to know Kaliyo was smirking. “Told you that last one was too strong for you.”
K’ascah… Shut up, Kaliyo! You’re too loud.”
“Do you always talk Cheunh when you’re hungover, or I’m just the lucky one? Speaking of lucky…” The Rattataki continued unphased, ” That chiss boy was a real cutie.”
“Chiss… boy?…” La’stessia abruptly sat up, immediately regretting it and fighting off the wave of dizziness as her head swam.
“Ya, the one with the freckles.”
Oh, shit… She didn’t? Oh, shit! She did! Continue reading

My guilty pleasure

It suddenly occurred to me that I’ve never posted here the photos of my custom funko pop figures =) So bear with me, it’s not that big of a torture, so I’m gonna share them with you 😀

  1. This one is the very first attempt of making one – a figure of my Mass Effect main OC, Mira Shepard.


  • 2. Another OC of mine, Sorcha Ryder from Mass Effect: Andromeda.

sorcha ryder

  • 3. Then at some point I turned to making NPC too 😀 This is Theron Shan from SWTOR.


Currently, I also have 3 more WIPs for 2 OC-s and another NPC, and at least 4 more figures are on the “planning” stage (meaning I did all the searching for the “donors” and all the maths of how much it might cost me to make them – including the donor figures and cost of paints lol)

3 pics demonstrating some terrible things poor guys go through to become custom figures under the “Read more” =)

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Unexpected Reunions

Well, it took me ages. No, really, I’m even scared to check when was the last time I posted anything about Circe and Alastair! But here it is! Properly chronological, second chapter for the Series of Unfortunate Stumblings 😀 Also – hugest thanks to Pyrelle who helped a whole ton with it and dealt with all my whining and groaning about stubborn characters as well as about the defiance of my uncooperative muse.

Anyway, here it is, hope you will enjoy it.

Chapter 2: Unexpected Reunions. 

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Nebulae siblings

Rune&Trig_mirialan2swtor 2018-05-28 16-08-17-82.bmp

I’m weak, and making new toons feels so good! And making new toons to match the existing new names feels even better! Anyway, meet Rune and Trig Nebulae. I really, really tried to make twins 😀

She’s a bounty hunter, he’s a smuggler.

When they were little Rune couldn’t pronounce R properly so she called her brother “Tweeg” – it stuck and eventually transformed into nickname “Twig”.He hates it, she loves it and thinks it’s hilarious cause… look at how HUGE he is compared to her 😀